Legendary Web3 builder, Gosu, Joins Redlight Finance as Technical Advisor


We are incredibly excited to announce that one of the most prolific, well-respected CTO’s in Web3 is joining Redlight Finance as a Technical Advisor.

Jayce Azua, also known as Gosu, has been in Web3 since 2010, long before the Mt. Gox days. Long before the CryptoKitty days. Think “Bitcoin Pizza” days, back when the Web3 community was a handful of cypherpunks haunting an oldschool internet forum.  He secured his first Bitcoin off Craigslist and paid cash for it, closing the transaction face-to-face in a Starbucks. A true crypto OG.

Web3 has come a long way since then, and no developer we can think of has built as diverse a portfolio as this relentless coder. 

He conquered the Web2 world, gaining experience working at Facebook, Amazon, and Twitch before bringing his exceptional skills into Web3 and has been building tirelessly ever since.

He is one of the only FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) developers to prove his clout as a serial startup founder and we are incredibly proud to have him on the team.

We see Gosu as one of the most prolific developers in Web3, easily earning his place amongst the true legends of the space. A respected pioneer, blazing an ever-growing network of trails for others to follow.

Here’s a humble list of some of the Web3 projects he’s worked on:

This man is one of the most impressive human beings in Web3, and he is already helping us make huge strides in streamlining and optimizing our development processes. The experience he brings to our dev team will bolster them in many ways and allow us all to reach new heights as we push our revolutionary tech even further. 

Gosu’s Impact

As Technical Advisor, Gosu has wasted no time at all in making a huge impact on our team. He has already helped us design a much more robust scripting framework for the Scarlet Chains rebate process, to ensure nobody gets left behind - and this is just the beginning.

Next, he is helping us set up a FAANG-level framework for technical documentation, quality assurance, and security - all of which will help us launch much more effective products in much shorter timelines.

We can see just from the time we’ve already spent working with him that this dev’s mind operates on a next-level plane of innovation, and the effect he will have across our evolving Redlight ecosystem is sure to be monumental.

We are extremely excited to work with, learn from, and grow with this remarkable individual and we are looking forward to supporting him on his projects as well.

Welcome to the Redlight Revolution Gosu. Thank you for joining us on this epic journey!

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